Hi there!

I'm Mihai

Co-founder of TeaMedia - we help small and medium companies make their first steps (or expand their existing footprint) into the digital world.

I speak the non-technical language and help you cross the bridge from an idea to a digital product.


How we work?

1. Get to know you and your business

First things first, we need to know we have the chemistry to work together.
Then we assess if we have the technical capacity and availability to onboard your project.

2. Clarify the scope of work

We sit down with you to make sure we're about to build what your final output should look like.
This will remove any uncertainty, helping us run towards the same goal.

3. Deliver a product that works

We put a lot of emphasis on testing and making sure that our output works as expected.

Mobile Apps
Product Market Fit
Social Media
Content Writing

How we invest

We invest up to $ 2,000 worth of development time

Let's meet first

We'll first meet (online or offline) and you'll tell us your idea.

Would be great if you have strong expertise in the field, and have already done some research on market size and competitors.

We'll evaluate

Expect a bit of back and forth, while we'll do our best to understand what you're trying to accomplish.

We'll use our internal mechanisms to reach out to the conclusion, which we'll openly communicate with you.

Launch and test

If we decide to go ahead, we'll most probably help you build the first prototype of your idea to help you test your idea with the world.

Ideally, in the end, we'll have a working MVP - and we'll support a couple of medium iterations.

Our investment is equity free or maximum of 1% equity.

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Here's a selection of our work that we're really proud of:

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We built our company based on clients' referrals - so we do have lots of happy clients: